How to Shutdown PC automatically after work?

Today we will so you how to create Shutdown Timer apps shortcut for your Laptop or Desktop PC. Because it helps you to auto shutdown your PC after a while. It works very effectively on Windows PC. It works among all the windows version like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 98 etc.  You can easily do this by creating a simple shortcut.It will be shown bellow step by step for your easy to understand.

Shutdown Timer for Auto Shutdown computer shortcut making process:

Step 1: First right click on the mouse on the desktop & go to New & then →Shortcut.

Shutdown Timer

Step 2: Then type the given text in the typing box. Here the text “0000” for time in seconds. You have to convert the time in seconds & input instead of “0000“. Use the first code for Shutdown the PC & code 2 for Restart the Computer. After that click next, & then Finish.

  1. shutdown -s -t 0000 [for shutdown]
  2. shutdown -r -t 0000 [for restart]


Step 3: A shortcut created named shutdown.exe Now you can rename the shortcut with your own & can change the delay time of shutdown & shortcut icon by right click on the Icon & then →Properties.


Step 4: Now everything is OK. Double click on the Icon. then it shows a notification in notification panel with the text when the PC will Shutdown or Restart.

If there have any problem to done everything perfectly, you can see the video for more details.

Auto Shutdown Timer shortcut making Video:

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