7 best foods to keep your Kidney healthy for a Lifetime.

The kidney is the most vital organ in a human body. It excretes deoxygenated blood from the body by maintaining water balance. A little incautiousness may lead to major problems in this organ which later may cause various like kidney damage, kidney stones, kidney infection, kidney pain, kidney cancer, kidney failure etc. If happen major problems with kidney a patient must have regular basis dialysis to lessen that. But a little consciousness may prevent these diseases. Here we talk about some kidney healthy foods. Consuming these healthy foods on a regular basis reduces the risk of these kidney diseases & helps to get physical fitness.

1. Apple

Apple is the best food from the list of kidney healthy foods. It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It is also true for a kidney. Apple is high fibered food, it has an anti-inflammatory effect which removes bad cholesterol and prevents heart disease. Besides, it reduces the risk of cancer. Try to eat a raw or cooked apple or a glass of apple juice every day.

2. Onion

Another ingredient for a healthy kidney is onion. It contains a huge amount of flavonoid which removes blood cholesterol. Besides, it has quercetin which prevents cardiovascular diseases. Onion has potassium, protein which is very helpful for the kidneys.

3. Garlic

Garlic is inflammatory and more effective in reducing cholesterol. It also has an antioxidant property which removes burning sensation in the body. But cooked garlic lacks in antioxidants. It’s very good if you take raw garlic in the morning in empty stomach. It keeps the heart as well as the kidney healthy.

Kidney healthy foods.

kidney healthy foods

4. Fish

Fish is an essential food to keep the kidney healthy. It contains a huge amount of protein, omega 3 and anti inflammatory fat which keeps the kidney healthy. According to American Diabetic Association add fish for 2 to 3 times in your daily menu. It keeps your heart healthy as well as reduces the risk of cancer.

4. Red capsicum

Red capsicums contain potassium which keeps the kidney healthier. It contains Vitamin C, A, B6, Folic acid, and fiber. Besides, it has lycopene and antioxidant components which prevent cancer. You can take red capsicums as a salad or by cooking on a regular basis.

5. White part of an egg

The White part of an contains huge amount protein. It also contains a huge amount of phosphorous and amino acid which keeps the kidney healthy by preventing various kidney diseases. You can have boiled or omelet egg but yes, only the white part of it.

7. Olive oil

The seventh food from the list of kidney healthy foods is Olive oil. A research shows that using olive oil on a regular basis instead of other edible oil is more healthier. It contains oleic acid and anti inflammatory fat which keeps the kidney healthy as well as reduces the risk of cancer.

Finally, it can be said, all these kidney healthy foods are necessary to prevent diseases and keep your kidney healthy for a lifetime. It also helps anyone to get physical Fitness reducing the extra fat from the body.

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