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Thanks for your having interest in writing content for us. Guest Posting is one of the best ways to promote any blog or website very fast. You can get a lot of traffics for your blog in this viral method. You will also get quality backlinks by posting as a guest. It generates a large number of traffics for your blog. So start to write for us today.

We have some special offers for the guests for their writing content for us. That helps you get more traffics than any other guest posting sites.

Why do you write for us ?

  • You can get Maximum 3 Backlinks, which generates more traffics to your site.
  • We will advertise your post whiches are the best quality. It will send you extra traffics.
  • We will provide author name and his/her social profile bottom of the post in a blockquote.
  • Will get a chance to be an author if you write 20 quality articles for us. Once you become an author you can post directly to our site.

Topics for Guest Posting to our site:

We accept quality content from our guest in following fields and topics.

  1. Life Hacks,
  2. Computer Tricks,
  3. Internet Tricks,
  4. Health Tips,
  5. Food Making &
  6. Mobile Tricks.

Quality Requirements:

Here are the quality requirements that must be passed to get approved your content.

  • Your content must be in higher quality and easy to read.
  • Must be a unique content. That means, the post never published on the Internet. and you have to promise that you will never publish that article anywhere on the Internet by giving the full copyright to BuddyTricks.com.
  • The article must not be spined with any article spinner or article re-writer.
  • Posts must be at least 450+ words long.
  • Your post must be SEO compatible post and have at least 3 targeted keywords.
  • Your content must be without spelling mistake and must not have any grammatical issue.
  • You have must send a Featured Image for the article. [No watermark with your blog name or URL]
  • You have to send images or screenshot of working steps.
  • Link your article with 3 links maximum. Link to the article with the related websites only. We do not allow any affiliate or adf.ly links and viruses.

What We Love ?

Here are some of the qualities what we love if you do that, but not matter to get approved your article.

  • We love if you give links to other similar posts inside our site from your article.
  • Attach Step by step video of the tutorial. That never published on YouTube and you have to promise will never publish by you.
  • No watermark on the video. [We will attach your name and blog name end of the video.]
  • You will share the posts with the top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin, StumbleUpon, LiveJournal, Digg etc. And it helps you to pass your goal easily.

How do you write for us?

Before writing the article please send us an E-mail to buddytricks.com@gmail.com with the topic and the summary of your article you want to write. Please write “Guest Post” in the subject line of the E-mail. We notify you within 24 hours after review. After that, you can write your article. Then send your article with a featured image and necessary images or screenshots. After final reviewing process by our team, we will post your article to our website. Once your post is published, we send you an E-mail with the link of your article.

Note: BuddyTricks.com keeps the full right to decide if your post will publish or not and to modify or change your article where necessary. And can change the rules & regulation for the guest post anytime.

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